Are We All Aware Of Oklahoma's Bananas 'Informed Consent' Abortion Law?

On Wednesday, every licensed physician in the state of Oklahoma received an email from the Oklahoma Medical Board reminding them about HB 1409, a law requiring all doctors either performing an abortion or referring their patient to abortion services, to obtain “informed consent” at least 72 hours before the abortion is performed, even if the physician doesn’t perform abortions herself.

“Informed consent” laws for abortion aren’t unusual; Texas, for example, hands abortion-seeking people a pink-tinted booklet filled with pictures of fetuses and a completely untrue suggestion that abortion can cause breast cancer. But the language in the Oklahoma email is extraordinarily broad, reminding doctors that “all licensed physicians, or any agents of the licensed physician” are required by state law to provide informed consent information “to every woman asking about or receiving information about abortion.”

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