Are We All One?
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Are we really all one, as we are being reminded seemingly on daily basis? The short answer is yes and no.

Yes, because if we were to look at ourselves at molecular level the entire creation is made up of pretty much the same stuff, a collection of molecules being attracted (or repelled) and forming shapes solid or otherwise.

Yes, because speaking only of the Homo sapiens we are told that all of us share the same DNA structure (100 percent match).

Yes, because even compared to apes we are almost 98 to 99 percent similar in our DNA. And we are certainly a product and part of nature and life on this planet.

So, from above one can simply deduct that we are not only one as humanity, but we are one with the entire physical manifestation of the universe, looking through a powerful microscope.

It would be hard to disagree with anyone that is comfortable with the above conclusion.

But, there is more to this, since physicality doesn't explain the whole picture.

We are not just our bodies, in fact we are driven by our souls or spirits and our souls in turn are powered by our eternal spark. Our souls are a holder or vessel for our ages-old collective unique experiences.

If we were to look around our hometown let alone this planet, it would be perhaps too easy to spot our uniqueness under the skin. Our DNA maybe the same, but we posses diverse mindsets, extremely varied potentials and talents. Our maturity levels alone can leave different marks on a scale of a hundred.

The progressive types' gravitation toward liberty, change and growth versus those who are regressive and not only don't accept change but try to oppress it every chance they get is another very visible form of deep chasms that separate one spirit from another.

Our abilities and the power of our minds can be light years apart from one another and just because we are sharing the same planet and our physical bodies may also share the same DNA do not guarantee in the least that all of us have much in common in terms of aspiration.

We are in some ways our bodies and then again we are not. We are our bodies because our minds project our realities; hence shape our bodies as well. On the other hand, we aren't our bodies, since they age, fade and decay quite rapidly, whereas our souls are eternal.

At our core, we are beings of diverse, varied and unique heritage, stemming from all parts of our galaxy and even other dimensions who have made a choice to be here and occupy these biological shells, but this doesn't make us all one. Sharing the same shells even though our souls are magnificently divers doesn't make us the same.

There are many groups of people on this planet who have no regard for human life, whose only aim is destruction, inflicting pain and eternal terror. There are others who viciously plan to gain total control of various aspects of humanity.

These malevolent spirits may occupy a similar physical vessel as those of us with nobler pursuit, but in reality share nothing else and hence is not a part of us.

We are unique, diverse, singularly talented spirits with distinct destinies.

The noble or benevolent spirits with open minds and progressive characters are certainly in the minority and hence much more precious and rare.

We are one with those who think like us, have the same aspirations as we do and have similar understanding of the process of the soul evolution.

We are one, yes but only with those who manifest at a similar vibration level as we do.