Are We Ever Going to Have a Black President Again?

In the short run, at the least, the signs are not favorable. Despite Barack Obama's intelligence, conscientiousness, and probity, what could be called the counter-revolution of the whites, as reflected in the 2014 midterm elections, has demonstrated, inter alia, the discomfort many Americans feel with a black couple being the occupants of the White House. It just doesn't feel right for many of our fellow citizens.

This is unfortunate, as blacks have been a part of the American experience -- albeit initially as slaves -- since long before the American revolution. The first blacks arrived on the American continent in 1619.

The general lack of consideration for Obama, and the unwillingness of the Republican Party to work with him, are a reflection of this discomfort and racial aversion, as well as a painful reminder that our whites and blacks live in a non-integrated way, which leads in turn to a lack of mutual understanding between the two communities.