Are We Living In The Vortex Of A False Reality

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<p>Are We Living In The Vortex?</p>

Are We Living In The Vortex?

Are we living in the vortex of a false reality? This is the beginning of awareness, when we challenge the way we think, as well as our biased attitudes and our moral compass. So the question is -- what is the vortex? The vortex is our daily structure in which we live, breath, and base our family’s ideals. Therefore, our actions have allowed the vortex to become a part of us. Our society has been built on this false narrative that all is free, all is welcomed and all can live up to their greatest potential without interference. This too, is the vortex. So how do we come out of this fog and begin living in the true essence of the original ideals created and built by the vortex? We, our generation of women, must unite and remove the spinning wheel that exists in our own hamster cage.

We accomplish this when we no longer allow fear to dictate our behaviors, but rather allow fear to enlighten our consciousness to diversity. We accomplish the removal of the individual vortex when we see an injustice and shine light on it to all of humanity! We remove the vortex with the pen, when we write out our grievances and come up with the solutions to make them no longer exist. We accomplish the removal of the vortex when we see the world through many prisms and not simply the prisms comforting our insecurities, or those validating our selfish self-righteous egos.

The vortex is very real, and it will not change by way of the male energy roaming the planet. The vortex will be defeated when we women, who bring life into the world, begin to take our place in the world and manage the life that we bring to the planet.

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