Are we the same or are we different?

I had a session with one of my international coaching clients this morning. The subject of how we truly connect, from a heart centered place came up.

I helped my client to reach a fundamental understanding of connection that is often missed in the black and white, competitive western culture that we live in.

It isn't a matter of being connected or disconnected. The deepest connection is experienced when we meet each other, in two ways.

The first way we connect is from the place of similarity. The experience of feeling understood by the other person who "gets" you.

You recognize a shared experience, one that can only be understood by someone who has been there and done that.

Any sense of loneliness evaporates.

It's the second way we connect that makes connection an even more profound experience.

It's from the place of complementary. It's found in the discovery that you and the other can be of service to one another. You have a strength s/he needs, and vice versa.

Knowing that together, you create something new, each time you come together. To help one another.

Connection through complimentarity requires humility, vulnerability and a trust like no other.

The humility to be helped by another, coupled with the generosity to be of service to another. Is a powerful gift we give one another.

This is one of the many capacities I help my clients discover and master.

This ability, is so powerful in attracting and growing the relationships in your life. That it can be transformative with each and every interaction with another human being.

When you're ready to begin this journey. I'm here to walk it with you.

Thanks for being you,

Brian R. King