Are You a Business Super Hero Running On Fumes?


We dream of being invincible and formidable, a worthy foe for any competitor in the boxing ring of business success. But what happens when the business champion can no longer fight the good fight because they forgot to refuel on their way to the office. After a series of late-nighters, when you find yourself on the other side of the "E" on your fuel indicator, what do you do? The deadlines are still calling for your attention. Your employees still need you as their security blanket, and that major acquisition is battling for more of your intellectual capital.

What's a businessperson to do when everything and everyone needs you?

Take a 60-minute office "staycation." Put a "Do Not Disturb," sign on your door, close it gently and lock it.

Here're a few things that you can do during this hour:

• Sleep! Set your alarm clock for 55 minutes later and climb on the sofa in your office or assume a comfortable position in your desk chair and say "Good Night," to the world.
• Go to your "happy" place. Pick a tropical vacation spot, far from your present location and go on an in-office trip around the world on your computer. (As a result, you might even end up buying a ticket to your get-away-from-it-all vacation spot.)
• Turn on your favorite music, find your VIP seating and become an audience of one at your very own ROCK Concert. You can even join the entertainers on stage, grab the microphone and rock until it's time to STOP 55 minutes later.
• Order from your favorite take-out restaurant and set up an elaborate luncheon for one. Add 30 minutes to your staycation time. Order all your favorites, in moderation, and enjoy the view from your office window.
• Plan a romantic getaway with your significant other. Make your heart smile by being pleasantly distracted planning the details of a luxurious weekend getaway.
• Have an imaginary conversation with someone you admire (living or dead) about anything other than work.
• Revisit a pleasant experience and journal how it made you feel.
• Buy an adult coloring book and crayons and take a break to tap into your creative side. Create some office art to remind you of your need for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
• Go shopping! Make a list of your favorite online stores and use your cookie jar money to visit your virtual mall. Some people call this retail therapy, but I call it fun!
• Call in your favorite masseuse and get a massage. Set the atmosphere by putting on your favorite music and adding scented candles to have you own personal Calgon moment without the bubbles.

Love yourself enough to give "YOU" the reward of a staycation. You deserve a "break today." Refueling is a necessary part of your personal and professional success quotient. Being a business superhero will bear you no reward if you are not around to receive it. Make "YOU" a priority and success will follow.

Sharon C. Jenkins is a serial "authorpreneur" and a consummate entrepreneur. Her main mission in life is to help authors and small businesses increase their "brandwidth" and to successfully pursue their passion for writing excellence. She is the Inspirational Principal for The Master Communicator's Writing Services. Her writing services and books are tools that assist others in realizing their literary dreams and achieve excellence in their business. She has two great loves in her life: writing and helping others.