Are YOU A Divine Feminine Earth Goddess?

I am BEYOND excited to present this interview with Earth Goddess Jenny Griffin, the second interview in the Divine Feminine Series on Paint Yourself Into the Picture.
I wanted to address the skepticism that some viewers may feel about the idea of calling oneself 'Goddess' or 'Divine' or 'Sacred,' so I asked some tough questions. I'm so glad I pushed, because Jenny held her ground (yes, she really is an 'Earth Goddess')! Her wisdom is DEEP, and her answers are pure gold.

Click here to watch the interview with Earth Goddess Jenny. Join us in this journey of discovery...

Jenny shares openly about her catharsis 10 years ago where, she says, "I fell apart completely and processed the accumulated grief from abusive relationships."

She describes how she connected to the voice of her heart, the voice of her inner Earth Goddess.

And she tells of her "promise to follow that voice wherever it will take [her]," a commitment led her through poverty and a walk halfway across France, a journey she calls "magical, incredible, and expansive."

This is such a hot topic. YOUR voice is needed in the conversation. In the comments here and on the video, please share your thoughts.

How do you feel about Jenny's take on why the Divine Feminine is "not a gender issue, it's an essence issue."

Do you agree or disagree with her ideas on how we need to step up as a society.

How do you feel about the idea that the Divine Feminine affects all our relationships?

The video holds a wealth of inspiring ideas on how you can welcome the Divine Feminine into your life, no matter where you are, or what your life-style. I'd love to know which ideas resonate with you. What is your 'takeaway' from the interview?

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I've been blessed to receive so much in my life. This show is my way to pay it forward. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your divine help in sharing it with others.

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