Are You A Genius? Inside the Milken Global Conference

Last week, I went to the Milken Institute Global Conference. "THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY" The one's who attended were the best and the brightest in their field of finance, environment, medicine, communication and invention. They all gathered to share their insight to what the future holds, and many were geniuses in their own right.

What is a genius? Well, ordinary people look at how life is and accept their surroundings just as they are. These people see and believe only in the world they can VISIBLY see.

However, the extraordinary people, at this conference, saw and believed in the INVISIBLE world. They weren't afraid to challenge the norm with a "Why not?" and a "Why can't life be like this in the future?" They used their imagination to create a world that doesn't exist...yet.  They had the courage to listen to their instincts and question the status quo. It will be these people that will give us our medical breakthroughs, create new inventions, advance our society and in the end, make the world a better place.

Being at the Milken Global Conference, made me remember what I learned in school about Isaac Newton. The story, as it's told, was that Newton was sitting under an apple tree, and as he sat an apple fell on his head. Now everybody that lived back then also sat under trees and had seen apples fall, but Isaac wasn't afraid to ask the question, "Why does this happen, and what knowledge can I gather from that?". Newton's discoveries, including the law of universal gravitation, created a scientific revolution that still effects us today.  Now, what if he didn't take notice and question what was occurring? What if he accepted it, like everyone else? The world would be a less enlightened place.

The answer to all our living and career problems lie in seeing and believing in things that no one else sees. Some people call them dreams. When are you going to take a hard look at your life, and see the INVISIBLE possibility of invention, happiness and success? To do those things, you must live in your imagination. Einstein said, "Knowledge is limited. Imagination is infinite." Only by using your imagination can you advance in your own life. All the people you admire in life, they all saw something other people never saw. They daringly started to live their vision.  

 If you're not living the life you always wanted - it's because you're too connected only to what you can see. So close your eyes and believe in the INVISIBLE world. It's REAL. It's what GENIUSES do.