Are You A Helicopter Parent? : The Infographic

Are You A Helicopter Parent? : The Infographic
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The term "Helicopter Parenting" is a common one, and is frequently tossed around in both the media and in social circles.

In fact, this term is often used in a disparaging way to comment on someone's parenting style. "What a Helicopter Parent!" is muttered if someone believes a parent is hovering or coddling his child.

The thing is, this catch-all, trendy label doesn't make room for empathetic and connected parenting. Instead, it seems to encourage a no-rescue style of parenting. Parents are caught up in their conflicted emotions, feeling guilty if they reach out to their children, and also when they don't.

To address the confusion surrounding this newly-minted parenting term, I have come up with an infographic that outlines the various parenting styles, and why "hands-off" parenting may not necessarily be the answer to the Helicopter Parenting pandemic.


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