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Human or Robot?

At the end of the day, when you lay your head down on your pillow... ask yourself "Was I a robot or a human today." The world needs the human in you.
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Humans weren't made for desk work. Humans weren't made for high heels. Humans weren't made for makeup, elevators, and the indoors.

Have you ever wondered why there are human beings on the planet? Have you ever contemplated our existence as a species? Or what is our purpose collectively?

I can't help but to think that the universe had something in mind when we evolved from something else. And I'm pretty sure that mother nature didn't create us so that we could destroy her. If we are a part of nature, which I believe we are, then how were we meant to make it better? How can the relationship be mutually beneficial? There's no question that nature provides us with so much... but what do we give back in return?

Here's why I think we are here... us, the humans. If you think about what truly sets us apart from other species... it's our ability to create, to dream, imagine, interpret and appreciate. Maybe the universe felt that a being needed to be here who would be able to fully "take-in" the beauty of the world. Maybe the universe wanted a being on the planet who would play, bask in the sun, feel the breeze, climb the mountains, and explore the seas.

Yes animals can love and they can feel too. But as far as we know, humans are the only species that create "meaning" and interpretations out of life. We have the ability to look out at the sun as it sets and say "that is magnificent, and I am truly grateful to be alive." We can gaze at things and find ourselves in a state of wonder.

And maybe that's why the universe wanted us to be here on the planet... so that there would be someone to truly take it all in... to experience it fully.

The real "you," the real "us," the real "we" are the souls within us. "We" are not required for most of the tasks that currently make up our existence. "YOU" are not required to answer most of the emails in your inbox. And neither am "I."

That's what robots are for.

So then, what ARE we needed for? Why are we here? In what way can humans be a value-add to the planet, to mother nature, to the universe?

My answer is two-fold.

The first is to BE. To simply experience all of it and fully, authentically, appreciate it.

The second is... to contribute. We are here to reach our fullest potential and to contribute the gifts that each of us has been given. Out of the estimated seven billion people on the planet, not one of us is the same. Ever wonder how ridiculously amazing that is? Somehow, each individual has a unique set of experiences, a different outlook on life, a story, and special talents. But often, that uniqueness gets lost while we are busy surviving, busy trying to pay the bills. Behind every "ordinary worker" is a poet, a listener, a philosopher, a nature lover, a caretaker, a mother.

The whole world would be a better place if all of us made it a priority to expose those talents, in any way that we can. We must express our true nature, and live our purpose. The world needs what you got. And if we were all giving away the gifts that are inside of us, so many problems would naturally be resolved. The fixers would find what needs to be fixed. The lovers would find those who need to be loved. The healers would find the ones who need to be healed. The money makers would help those who need to make money. The piano players would find those who want to listen. We were born to reach our potential.

You know how I know this? Because if there was no monetary system, if we didn't have to survive by making money, we would find ourselves naturally wanting express our gifts. We would find ourselves writing and painting and creating. We would naturally be inclined to give away what we've got.

So even if you can't get paid for it right away... start doing it. The compensation will find you.

At the end of the day, when you lay your head down on your pillow... ask yourself "Was I a robot or a human today."

The world needs the human in you.