Are You a Modern-Day Jedi Master

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Powerful, Intuitive, Centered

Masters are the experts of transformation. If you've reinvented yourself countless times over the course of your life in an effort to discover who you truly are, then it's likely that you're a master. Since masters' constantly work to bridge the gap between the desires of the personality and the will of their soul they've acquired a certain practicality that keeps them centered and calm, no matter how unsavory or chaotic a situation may be. Like a modern Jedi knight, master's have the ability to keep their cool, even when scared or irritated, which makes them seem unruffled by the varying challenges that life may bring. What isn't seen is the constant process of character refinement just below the surface that allows them to be both flexible and strong while bending with the wind, like a stalk of bamboo.

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The Emerging Modern-Day Master
History has shown us many examples of masters' spending decades sitting perfectly still in dark caves engaged in meditation in order to achieve personal mastery over darkness and light. While this historical archetype may have been true in ancient times, a new era of the spiritual master has emerged. Every single day, for many generations now, modern-day masters have been popping up on every corner of the planet, from the ghettos to the rolling hills of Hollywood, having been born with an innate spiritual intelligence earned through lifetimes of previous effort. This is in contrast to the newer souls born unto the earth that need to learn the many lessons that life brings through trial and error and hands on experience.

The intuitive knowledge of the modern-day master only needs to be remembered in order to be embodied. Before that initial awakening occurs the master will feel restless in their own life, plagued by questions about the meaning and purpose. This restlessness sends them on a quest for spirituality as a means to overcome the perceived limitations of their humanity, with the ultimate goal of propelling themselves into the glimmering consciousness they feel lingering just under the surface. Once this sleeping enlightenment has woken, the master quickly transforms into the embodiment of goodness and strength, having the ability to communicate the possibilities of their discovery with the world in everyday language that is easily and culturally understood.

The Master and the Ego
Awakened masters have bravely faced their own darkness, analyzed it, understood it, processed it, and let it go so many times that they've become an expert at riding the waves of emotion and karma. From time to time a wave may catch them in an unconscious moment and pull them under, but they get right back on the surfboard of perception and paddle out to sea of consciousness once more, for the thrill of the journey is in mastering the forces that try to restrict their expansive human spirit.

Because of this, the ego is no big deal to the master. They don't pit themselves against it, they're not afraid of it, nor do they try to control it - they transform it. What was once the scary monster looming in the closet has now become the cuddly-little-tiger begging for attention and resolution. The master focuses on the soul, and every effort the master makes is with the intention of infusing life into the soul in order to grow its strength, both for themselves and others.

Common Characteristics of the Master
  • Responsible, kind, and incredibly deep; they value tradition.
  • See the highest potential in others and work to draw it out.
  • Are both sensitive and dependable.
  • They are the messengers of the world, but don't express personal feelings easily.
  • Are drawn to ancient spiritual practices and ceremonies.
  • Contribution is an important value; they enjoy offering their service to the world.
  • Intuitively understand all aspects of a situation and changes it for the better.
  • Makes an effort to have conscious thoughts, intentions, feelings, and actions.
  • Familiar with the forces at work within and the corresponding influences that the invisible world and the universe has as well.
  • Has an extremely strong will to resolve the essential problems of life.
  • Tend to worry about impending disaster, thus have a difficult time relinquishing control.
Quick Tips for the Master Within
  • Trust Your Instincts: Your instincts are constantly communicating with you. They may come as a thought, a picture, or a feeling. In order to discern the difference between a passing thought and an intuitive message, try keeping a daily log of your various projections. At the end of the week review the log and circle each message that was accurate. Try and recall the different feelings associated with each projection and look for any patterns.
  • Speak Your Truth: Sometimes in an effort to be polite you may not feel comfortable expressing your true opinions and feelings about a situation. Within you is a well of insight and understanding that this world desperately needs. Try finding ways to communicate this deeper understanding of the relationship between the desires of the ego and the will of the soul.
  • Don't Waste Time: You came to this planet with a purpose; to recover the entirety of your human character communicate that process of transformation with others. Once you have stepped into the full expression of this purpose you will feel ultimate happiness and peace. Don't waste one more minute doubting your capability to transform yourself, help others, or change the world. It's the whole reason that you came.
  • Action, Action, Action: Because you are so contemplative, you may get lost in the wonderment of your own realizations about the spiritual nature of life. Constant communication and action will help you transform your dream of an enlightened world into the reality an enlightened world.
  • Get Physical: Physical training is SO important for the master hero-type. Anchor the power of your spirit into your body by using physical exercise as a moving meditation. Not only will you feel revitalized, you will have developed the habit of using your will to move and change the physical world of form, which will only increase your ability to affect the world.
  • Be Open to New Information (aka - You May Not Know Everything): While you may have a keen intuition and a lot of experience with personal transformation, try and remember that this world is a co-creation involving the input from many different souls. Be open to collaboration. Not only will you learn a lot through the process, but you may also be pleasantly surprised by the end result.

The Hero's Evolution
If your hero type isn't the Master, but you want to develop the certainty and transformative power inherent to this hero type, try looking for ways to tap into the power of your intuition. To help you get into this Master mindset, you can listen to the free guided meditation in the Hero's Tool Belt below.

The Hero's Tool Belt
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