Are You A Pink Elephant?

Once upon a time, a baby elephant was born, and their parents were so happy. But they noticed that their baby wasn't like all the other baby elephants. It wasn't black or gray. It was PINK. They didn't understand why this had happened, but they took it home and loved it.

As the baby elephant was growing up, he noticed that he was different from all the other elephants. He realized that he needed to change his appearance to fit in, to be able to be accepted by the others. He had an idea! He decided to put dirt on his back, so he could look like everyone else. Now, presenting himself as gray, he was playing and having a great time, until one day a thunderstorm came. Slowly, all the dirt, from his back, ran down. Everybody started pointing and noticing that he was PINK. The elephants were shocked and started laughing uncontrollably. Our pink elephant felt so bad, because of all of the criticism and ridicule, that he was ashamed to be who he really was.

It was then that he realized that the others would never understand him, and that he would have to find his own group, to SURVIVE and THRIVE.

That's what you are. You're different! You're not like everybody else, but you might feel like "What's wrong with me? Why can't I be like everyone else?" Well, you're different - you were born PINK! You need to be proud of being different. Until you are proud of who you are, nothing great is going to happen in your life.

As you grew up, you might have felt odd, disconnected and undeserving of having a great life. That is NOT TRUE!

It's important for you to know, that the ELEPHANT is the most powerful animal on the planet, and PINK is the color of love. You have to own the fact that YOU are the most powerful human being on the planet, and you're full of LOVE. Even though people may not understand you, that doesn't matter.  All the great people in the world, from Michelangelo to Leonardo DaVinci - to Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. Guess what they were? They were different. THEY WERE PINK!!

In your town, there are pink elephants just like you. It's time to stop hiding. You were created perfectly because God doesn't make a mistake. It's time to let your true color shine through. It's time to be proud to be PINK!

Currently teaching in London, Ischia, Italy & LA. How To Discover Your Pink Elephant.