Are You a Travel Snob? Let's Discuss Travel Elitism and Shade

Just because you've travelled far and wide, doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.

Repeat after me: travel doesn't make you better, more cultured, or more elite than anyone else. I DESPISE travel snobbery, and as more people become "about that travel life" I've seen lots more shade being thrown at those who either don't travel, don't travel extensively, or aren't "hardcore" enough in their travels (particularly in the African-American travel community, but that may be because that's the one I'm most tapped into).

So, in my new video, I tell those offenders to get over themselves (nicely). Have you ever encountered elitist or snobby attitudes towards the way you travel (or don't travel)? Have you witnessed travel shade? How do you feel about it? Harmless or nah?
Let's discuss.

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