Are You An "Accidental Entrepreneur"? Tell Us Your Recession Start-Up Story!

The recession has upended a millions of lives. But, as The New York Times pointed out recently, it's also created a new class of "accidental entrepreneurs." Either by necessity, sheer ingenuity or just plain luck, thousands of the newly unemployed have formed their own small companies in the last year.

Here's how the NYT described this trend:

"The most recent Index of Entrepreneurial Activity by the Kauffman Foundation showed a slight uptick of new businesses in 2008 -- a full recessionary year -- over 2007. An average of 320 Americans out of 100,000 formed a business each month, Kauffman said. What's more, it found, the patterns "provide some early evidence that 'necessity' entrepreneurship is increasing and 'opportunity' entrepreneurship is decreasing."

Much has been written about the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by recessions - companies like FedEx, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft were all formed during downturns. But, entrepreneurship may be naturally ad hoc. Here's how tech entrepreneur (and co-founder of Intel) Gordon E. Moore put it: "There is such a thing as a natural-born entrepreneur... But the accidental entrepreneur like me has to fall into the opportunity or be pushed into it."

With that in mind, HuffPost Business is looking for some of the best and most inspiring "accidental entrepreneurs" who've founded a company during the recession. Tell us your story! Write to and send us a short description of how you launched your own company during this recession (please don't forget this part.) Also, please include a picture of you and your company. (We'll be looking for creative photos that show off your new endeavor.) We'll be compiling a list and a map of some of our favorites, and we'll include your photos.

Here's how it works: hit the participate button, leave your description and mark the location of where your photo was taken by searching for an address in the box on the top right of the map, upload your photo and hit submit.

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