Soar Like Eagles Or Scratch Like Chickens -- The Choice Is Yours

You have many choices in life and one really important one no one ever really discusses is choosing to be an eagle or a chicken? Eagles soar with other eagles high above the clouds and are fierce, while chickens scratch on the ground and walk around with other chickens not doing much of anything. Which one will you choose to be? In Joyce Meyer's book, "Never Give Up" she distinctly describes the two opposite lifestyles of eagles and chickens and how to overcome life's obstacles with an eagle mindset and attitude. I have chosen to be an eagle and I hope you will join me. Below I describe the two in specific details for you to make the right selection for your life.


"The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong." (Thomas Carlyle) This saying definitely describes the difference precisely between eagles and chickens. Eagles look at the obstacles in life as just stepping stones towards their own success in helping others and accomplishing their future goals. Chickens give up easily and tend to be fragile and don't stay the course when difficulties present themselves.

We adapt to forever changing environments and rise above adversity with others like ourselves. We fight for what is right and don't allow the opinions of others to get us off our journey and obtaining our desired goals. We take life by the horns and don't worry about getting cut because we know our own value and worth. We are strong willed, we are brave, and we are confident and create opportunities for ourselves when previously there were only walls.

We ask others for help and remain humble enough to celebrate our own success without boasting. Eagles ask others how did they succeed and what steps to take to obtain the same results differently. We rise above complications and don't worry about what others say behind our backs because we soar above them, believing in ourselves completely. We crush our goals, no matter who says we are worthy and we help others along the way not caring who gets the recognition. We pick up the phone and ask for the sale and convince others that what we offer will be amazing for them as well. We invest in ourselves by spending money for our brands, companies and personal development. We don't take no for an answer and deal with rejection as being one step closer to a yes. We create solutions for people problems and then we take massive action to implement our brilliant ideas and put them to use for the greater good.


While chickens seem to have fun just plucking away at life and walking around aimlessly with other chickens, they don't get very far in life. Why don't chickens get very far ... they give up too easily. In Thomas Edison's quote he describes it perfectly - "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

Weak people and those that don't believe in themselves choose to give up because their journey isn't worth the sacrifice, its not important enough to them and it becomes overwhelmingly impossible to find steps to success.

Chickens are chickens and people that are like chickens are scared to try anything new or take risks. Chickens get distracted too easily and ultimately end up doing what is easiest. Chickens continuously make a lot of noise but hardly ever accomplish anything. Chickens don't have a lot of self-esteem and allow other chickens to get them away from their journey because they quit before they even finish any task or significant goal.

Chickens don't positively condition their minds to compartmentalize their priorities, schedules and projects to maximize good use of their time. Chickens allow the opinions of others to define who they should become. Chickens learn to rough it and become accustomed to staying and living mediocre.

There is a clear depiction of polar opposite characteristic traits amongst eagles vs chickens. It is much more difficult being an eagle because nothing worth having comes easily but it will be worth it. Chickens lives are mundane but for some this works just fine. To each his own is what I believe and finding the specific balances for your life is what is key.

The only choice you have to ask yourself is - which one will you be and then create a vision for your life and happily believe in that vision in order to manifest it. I recommend reading Napolean Hill's Book - Think and Grow Rich because it will teach you how to completely shift your mindset to bring about your deepest desires. I believe in you and know you can create anything you want to with some few simple steps. Join my blog on facebook, The Power of You, where we support each other in manifesting our visions and significantly impacting others lives around the world.