Are You at the End of Your Tether?

When I decided to write this, initially I questioned what had motivated me. Then I realized that each of us go through times in our life when we feel lost. You won't be surprised to know at times, like many, I've thought I have reached the end of my tether. I stress the word thought, as in reality I was having an emotional moment. In saying that, life's challenges were such that I felt at a complete loss. Of course, that wasn't really the case. It just felt that way. Here, my aim is as much cathartic as it is to inform and help others.

So, what to do when it feels you are at the end of your tether? First, talk to your partner or a close friend. Often, they enable us to have a more realistic perspective than the one we have. Then, consider what's working in your life, that often provides us with a wake-up call. Just by reflecting about what does work, we come to realise that we're learning how to transcend challenges and become stronger. And by doing so, we are able to grow up, so to speak. When I say grow up, I'm referring to doing so emotionally. So many tend to limit their maturity to age and experience, which are important. However, our emotional maturity is essential if we are to make real improvements to our lives.

Of course occasionally it's perfectly normal to feel fear, anxiety and worry. But to allow those feelings to overwhelm us is certainly not good. So much so, we can become extremely sad. It's important to know we have much more unused tether we can rely upon. I say this from experience. Recently, I asked a coachee if he'd considered different ways to what seemed like an insurmountable challenge, he suddenly looked at me and said, "I just have!" Sometimes we become so myopic that we fail to notice any alternatives. So by asking ourselves a good question, we're likely to receive a good answer.

The point of this blog is to highlight how fortunate we all are. I mean this in a very down to earth fashion. Of course I know life's not Hunky-dory for many, but that doesn't have to mean we neglect any of the good stuff in our lives. I guess the glass half full, or half empty is applicable here. For me, the glass being half full or half empty depends how my week is unfolding. This week, it has been a bit of both. However, now that I have taken positive action, been somewhat assertive and persistent, my glass has definitely become half full.

Some tips:

Know you have more resources than you may think you have.

Reflect on the good stuff.

Take positive actions come what may.

Trust your instincts.

You're not the only person who has challenges.

Never, ever give up -- change your strategy.

Remember, there is usually more tether than we think.


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