Are You Bored to Death With Your Marriage/Relationship?

Are you bored with your relationship? Anyone who has been in a relationship for any length of time can easily find himself or herself bored and in a rut.

If your marriage suffers from “bored out of your mind syndrome” – you are not alone!

Many couples unwittingly fall into the same old pattern – killing both the romance & chance of longevity for their marriage.

You know what happens.

You go to the same restaurant every Saturday.

You practically have the same conversation every night about the same two or three topics.

Sometimes it feels as if watching paint dry would be more exciting than spending one more minute with your partner.

Danger Zone

Being bored in your relationship puts you in the danger zone – for infidelity!

Approximately 25% of respondents in a recent survey by Good in Bed said boredom within their relationship contributed to infidelity. Click here to read more about this survey.

As common sense would suggest, the longer you are in a relationship, the more likely you are to get bored with it & neglect it.

Life gets in the way such as long work hours or travel for work.

Kids – let’s be honest. We love them with all our heart.

But they do suck the life out of us at times.

Financial pressures

and so much more.

4 Easy & Proven Strategies to Cure Boredom in Your Relationship

I’ve used the following 4 easy and proven strategies with my clients to prevent boredom from destroying their relationship – (and it also helped re-kindle romance and happiness for them too)!

1. Initiate new activities/hobbies you can do together. Research has consistently shown that learning new things together as a couple increases the excitement within a relationship.

Take golf or tennis lessons together. Or learn a new language.

Maybe you and your partner enjoy cooking; so cooking lessons might be just what your relationship needs.

It doesn’t really matter what new activity you pursue. All that matters is that you pursue it together – and enjoy it.

Enjoying new activities create excitement!

And excitement is a great antidote to boredom because it’s impossible to be bored - when you are excited!

2. Make old things new again!

Do you remember the activities you and your partner enjoyed when you first began dating? Remember those long conversations that you never wanted to end?

Chances are you haven’t engaged in these activities or conversations that initially excited you about your partner in a looong time.

So bring back the “good ole days”.

Go out dancing or take dance lessons if you used to love to go dancing.

Or go to a concert.

Maybe watch a movie together.

Anything that easily re-establishes your connection!

You might be surprised as to how fast and strong those feelings of excitement get aroused when you re-visit the activities that attracted you to each other.

3. Get creative in the bedroom!

Chances are that a boring sex life is contributing to the overall boredom you are feeling in your relationship.

And there is also a good chance that if you are bored with your relationship – and your sex life - so is your partner.

We are all adults here so I’m going to get a little explicit.

Sex toys, fantasy and role-playing are all fun, easy and creative ways to spice up your sex life. Talk with your partner and see what ideas they might be opened to so you can re-energize your sex life and resuscitate.

If you are bored with your sex life – make it your responsibility to do something about it!

4. Laughter!

Laughter is often the best medicine for many ailments; and it’s often overlooked.

Make it a point to inject laughter and a sense of humor into your relationship by joking around and being silly with each other.

Lighten up a bit. The day-to-day grind can take a toll on all of us – zapping all the frivolity and laughter out of our lives.

Laughter and having a sense a humor can really liven things up for your relationship!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what current research says about the positive impact laughter has on our relationship.

On February 22, 2016, Science Daily published the results of a study conducted by the University of North Carolina that found: "People who spent more time laughing with their partner felt that they were more similar to their partner," … "the more people laughed with their romantic partner, the more they felt they were supported by that person."

Perhaps it is a casualty of time that many couples become bored with their relationship.

By putting the above 4 easy and proven tips into action, you will prevent boredom from destroying your marriage/relationship.

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