Are You Causing Yourself Pain?

Are you stuck in some area of your life? In your business, relationships, weight, confidence... do you feel like you're looking for the missing piece to finally shift it? Do you think you may be the one causing yourself pain? Are you finally fed up and done?

Good. You're right on track. You've hit resistance. You have a subconscious "block." When I start with a new client, every single one has one. Think of a roadblock, like when the road is under construction and you have to take a detour. You must create a new path when you hit the personal road block. It can feel like a setback, but wherever you are is perfect. Start here.

Always remember that your subconscious doesn't want you to change. Change signals possible danger, the unknown, and we are hard-wired to resist it. It's trying to keep you safe, but you are pushing the edge of your comfort zone and now it's unbearable. This is where you create your own pain. All it takes is willingness to change and practice.

First... let's identify the pain:
P -- Problem focused rather than on solutions thinking. What is the problem?
A --Always complaining about the problem which is draining your energy, mojo, and life force
I -- Insisting on explaining your limitations surrounding the problem and yourself and then believing them
N -- Never taking responsibility for the problem and always blaming others or maybe blaming yourself for everything

This is a lower vibe type of thinking. The mindset is one of lack, playing victim, stuck in the past, and focused on what-you-don't-want versus what-you-actually-do-want. Albert Einstein said, " We can not solve our problems with the same level of consciousness that created it." Problems are asking for solutions, just like questions are asking for answers. They''ll never cease. It's how we create and create something new. It's even how any new invention came about. Life isn't meant to stay still. We live in an expansive Universe.

Good news is you can transform the pain of your "problems" you were causing yourself into something wonderful by following these steps. It can be painless.

P -- Power: You focus on solutions and keep asking yourself, "What's a possible solution?"
A -- Alignment: Get focused on mindfulness, peace, and becoming centered
I -- Intuition: Tap into your intuitive side by doing something creative and trust your gut feeling
N -- New: Be open to new opportunities daily and welcome growth, expansion, and positive thinking
L -- Love: Love yourself, unconditionally, flaws, extra weight, mistakes and all
E -- Energy: Energy: Raise your energy level by doing things to boost your mood
S -- Sex appeal: Get that attractive Mojo side going by tapping into your sensual side, even if only through dancing, personal style, and building confidence
S-Spirit: Soul guided living through reading inspirational subjects or by spending time in nature

Patterns which are thoughts, actions, speaking and being are what make up our future self. With your new train of thought, the beliefs are fresh motto's for you to adopt. These become mantras to tell yourself daily. We affirm words that ultimately create our experience. The great Wayne Dyer spoke of this so well when he said, "If you change the way you look at the things, the things you look at change."

Replace your mindset with thoughts like: New beginnings start in every moment. My power is in the right now. I enjoy every step of the journey. I choose to create a life of epic opportunities and adventures. I step into my full potential. I am open to infinite possibilities. In each moment I can shift an old "truth" I've outgrown which becomes my new belief which serves my highest good. Life is good. Things are always working out for me. Solutions seem to arise so easily. I love who I'm becoming. Self-love is sacred and essential for my personal growth. I am worthy and deserve good things. It can be rewarding growing my business. It can be fun losing weight. When I am living on purpose, everything flows easily and effortlessly.

You got this. You can do it.