Are You Forgetting These Obvious Dating Don'ts?

Don't play too hard to get. The operative word here is "too," don't play "too" hard to get. This is not the 1960s or even the 1980s, where men went after the hardest women to get.
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These days, most single adults feel like they are dating as a living. They can find dates on dating apps like The Dating Lounge, online dating, blind dates, group dates, stranger dates, old-fashioned pick up at a bar dates, etc. Actually, a single person could have a date every night of the week if he or she desired. However, the true goal in dating is marriage and to get there, you need to date properly and not make stupid dating mistakes.

Here is a list of some obvious mistakes that might be stopping you from finding the One.

Don't order water. Yes, you can order water along with something else, but you can not order water alone. Water alone makes it seem like you aren't interested and that you want the date to end quickly. So, even if you are just really thirsty for a cold glass of water, order something to go along with it.

Don't wear black. It's not a funeral. It's a date. Colors are happy, colors are sexy and colors make you look younger. Black makes you look old and serious. No man wants old and serious on a first date.

Don't get drunk. Need I say more?

Don't order the most expensive thing on the menu. This is an oldie but a goodie. One would think that all women know this by now. However, sometimes they "forget." Don't forget and don't do it. He will remember you did it and then come up with all these preconceived notions about why you did it and not ask you out again.

Don't laugh like a hyena and snort.Laugh like a lady, not like an animal. A man wants you to be a lady, not an embarrassment.

Don't bite your nails. It's disgusting. Most people don't it. Men don't like it. They notice.

Don't play too hard to get. The operative word here is "too," don't play "too" hard to get. This is not the 1960s or even the 1980s, where men went after the hardest women to get. I am not saying be easy; easy is never good. Instead, be confident and stand your ground, rather than being a pain in the butt about making plans or where you need to go on a date.

Don't be too honest. Again, the operative word is "too." This tip is NOT about lying. Don't lie obviously. But, don't vomit honesty and your deep dark secrets on date one. It's not appropriate and it will scare him off.

Don't talk about your divorce or breakup. This is Dating 101, however, I can't tell you how many times, I hear how women forget this rule. Their excuse is usually, "he asked" or "he starting talking about his ex, so I talked about mine." Unfortunately, there's a double standard here. Don't take the bait. Don't fuel the fire. Try to change the subject, you will better off.

Don't sleep with him on the first date. I know that you have a friend who slept with her now husband on the first date and here they are, 10 years later in marriage bliss. We all have that friend. However, the odds say, if you sleep with him on date 1, you are not marrying him. If you truly want to get married, I recommend playing those odds.

Are there any other Dating Dont's you would like to share?

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