Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

You know those amazing moments in life that seem to defy the laws and limitations of this world? The choices you make that significantly change the course of your life, yet started out as a gut feeling?

I saw the movie The Walk last night, you know, the 24-year-old French guy named Philippe that walked across a high-wire that connected the Twin Towers.

He was driven by a dream, an inner knowing that was given to him at 16 years old and it propelled him forward. His life was chosen by the Big Dream and he was wise enough to recognize that it was up to him to follow it through to completion.

Here was a guy that was so in love with his Big Dream that he was willing to do whatever it took to birth it -- even if it meant possible death. Yet by the grace of God, he was met with miracles every step of the way and he changed history.

All because he answered the call.

Doesn't it make you wonder what could happen to your world if you listened to your heart and followed your Big Dream?

Maybe your Big Dream is telling you to go to Paris (because your future husband is waiting for you there). Perhaps it is telling you to write a book (which will then help the lives of many).

Your Big Dream is what wakes you up in the middle of the night -- whispering to you about the screenplay you want to create (and potentially will be so creatively fulfilling you feel like Jimi Hendrix making love to his guitar).

These dreams in our hearts -- they are waiting just around the corner for us yet if we don't step forward, sometimes blindly with trust, we don't see them standing there, with the confetti and mariachi bands awaiting to celebrate our arrival as we round the bend.

Do you wonder what will happen if you don't walk around that corner to meet the moment that is beckoning you?

We miss the party that existence has spent eternity planning for us.

Here's why this matters.

My superpower is that I know that inner reality creates outer results. I know that our willingness creates the transformation of our world.

I know this because life gave me an early life of suffering. Had I not rounded the corner of what I thought were laws of limitation due to historical pain, I wouldn't be standing where I am right now. (actually, right now, I am at the Equinox Sports Club walking on a treadmill with my Macbook propped against the screen).

My magic is in my ability to help people align all of their inner strengths and resources. Doing this results in the highest probability of them having, or exceeding, their desired outcome.

What this means to you is that I know you have a Big Dream inside of you, waiting to be brought to life.

Have you thought beyond your reasoning mind to the unseen miracles that are here to support you in bringing this forward?

Throughout the movie, I found myself mesmerized and wondering 'How did he do it?" How is it even possible to transcend the perceived limitations of space and physics that make up our world?

Philippe's story defied the laws of third dimensional reality. I mean, he spent 45 minutes walking back and forth eight times across a high-wire that was 1350 feet high -- he even laid down in the middle of it to converse with a seagull!

I remembered my early experiences with walking on fire, and although my mind could not understand why I was never burned, all I know is not once did a blister appear.

What did appear each time was a phenomenal sense of elation and awe.

I can only attribute the success of those fire walks to a supernatural assistance from Grace,along with my resolute belief that it was possible to succeed.

I think Philippe is a teacher for all of us -- teaching us that no matter what the dream, if our heart and soul is in it, the limiting laws of this world are no match for the laws of Grace. I believe often God will send us angels, clothed as people, to remind us that we have greatness within.

Once he stepped, there was no turning back. He had to keep walking across the wire.

I had to keep walking across the 1800 degree coals.

What is it inside of you that keeps you going when you are poised on the edge, waiting for your turn to walk across?

The intersection between inner knowing and outer action is precisely where Grace meets us and carries us through.

We have a certain responsibility here, and it is to keep going. And this is where most people make the biggest mistake.

They stop moving forward.

They get stuck in their heads or routines, or are overly influenced by the naysaying voices of others.

Negative opinions and familiar comfort snuff Big Dreams.

What in your life is just around the corner waiting for you? Is it Mr. Right, waiting with roses and trumpets? Is it financial freedom that comes from doing work you love?

Don't you wonder what then that prevents you from turning the corner?

Is it shame?



Concern with what the neighbors, family, co-workers, Facebook friends will think?

Not enough money?

This is where Grace comes in. Grace comes in on the wings of willingness and action. (tweet)

I believe it was Grace that carried Philippe across that high-wire.

We all have had moments in our lives where the laws of this world were intersected by the supernatural world.

Perhaps today will be the day you exclaim "yes!" and take that step, knowing Grace will be your wings.

Here's the cool thing about this.

Our lives improve the more we say yes to ourselves. Each step we take on our own behalf brings home a bit more self-respect. It brings us a bit closer to rounding that bend, where miracles and fruition await.

Here's what I would like to invite you to do.

Forward this to a friend who you feel could use this. Just hit forward.

I'd love to hear what it is for you. What is the Big Dream that wakes you up at night? And better yet -- what is the step you will take today to move closer to rounding that bend.