This Chart Will Take You From Grumpy To Happy In Just A Few Minutes

Dogs, babies and Beyoncé... what else does anyone need in order to turn their mood around?

Whether it's puppies playing in a ball pit or a tune you can't help but tap your foot to, you can boost your feelings of happiness in just a matter of minutes. Research has shown that upbeat music can promote feelings of positivity and elevate our moods. But indulging in those silly animal videos isn't actually the same as procrastinating at all -- in fact, cute vids and satisfying songs are probably making you a better employee. A study conducted by Hiroshima University found that a few minutes of YouTube can help spike productivity and allow you to focus better, making a little bit of joy -- and a little bit of work -- truly just a click away.

Still not convinced you're a few moments away from turning around your grumpy demeanor? We dare you not to smile after you go through the chart below.

Interactive by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post.

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