Are You In? Kindness Is Free...

If we all practiced one act of kindness per day, imagine how much more magnificent the world could be. Each day, if we all did at least one thing for one another out of genuine goodness, I truly believe we could counterbalance some of the negativity that occurs in this world.

When it comes to getting involved in doing random acts of kindness, many people feel have expressed to me that they simply don't have the time or money to contribute something each day. Luckily, for all of us, kindness is free. It can be as simple as a smile, and it's easy to do for and give to others, if you are motivated. The best part is when you perform an act of kindness, both you and the other person benefit; we all benefit. You are making the world a nicer place.

I propose a challenge that I'd love for you to help me get out around the world...


Starting the day you read this article, you will commit to one act of kindness for the next 7 days. Here is a list of 75 FREE things that you could do that are both kind AND free. Many of them are also very quick, so neither time, nor money need to stand in your way.

Let it be an experiment for all of us: how we can change the lives of others and our own, just by being consciously kind to the world around us. I'm certain we will all benefit.

Are you in? Share this article or your acts of kindness with the hashtag: #kindnessisfree

Adopt or foster a pet... or even a child... if you have room in your heart and your home.

Apologize for something you know you should say you're sorry for (especially if you are stubborn).

Ask for advice from a friend or colleague and actually take it.

Ask someone's life story and then *really* listen.

Ask your older relatives to teach you their best advice or favorite memory.

Babysit for your friend and give them an afternoon or evening off to themselves.

Be patient: take a deep breath in a long line or when dealing with a frustrating situation.

Befriend a lonely person.

Clean someone's windshield.

Clean up litter on a beach or highway.

Compliment at least one person each day.

Do laundry for a friend who recently had a baby.

Do yardwork or housework for elderly friend or neighbor.

Donate ANYTHING in the Free Section of Craigslist.

Donate blood.

Donate old blankets and towels to local pet shelter/humane society.

Donate old toys to the local group homes or foster homes.

Donate your old clothing to a local thrift store or Dress for Success.

Donate your old furniture to a local charity.

Donate your old magazines to the local nursing home or dialysis center.

Donate your recently outdated electronics to after school programs or underprivileged families.

Express your gratitude... for everything... to everyone.

Give a bouquet to a friend or neighbor made with flowers clipped from your garden.

Give someone the benefit of the doubt by fighting the urge to complain about a service issue to customer service or their manager.

Give up the last word.

Give up your cab for someone.

Give up your parking pace.

Give your girlfriends first pass at the clothes you are purging from your closet.

Give your lunch leftovers to a homeless person.

Give your partner a break -- ask what you can do to help them out.

Grow your hair long and donate it to locks of love.

Help a friend or neighbor who is caring for an aging parent by running errands or spending time with them.

Help a friend who is moving.

Help someone write a resume.

Hold the door.

Let a parent know they are doing a good job.

Let someone go ahead of you at the supermarket or pharmacy.

Let someone merge in traffic (go crazy and let TWO people merge).


Make a craft for special friend or someone who helps you.

Make and deliver a meal.

Make get well cards for hospital patients and ask the nurses to pick people who deserve to receive them.

Offer forgiveness.

Offer to cook a meal for (or with) a friend going through a tough time.

Offer to take a photo on the cellphone of a family or a couple you see taking pictures of one another.

Offer your seat on a train/bus to an elderly or pregnant person.

Pet sit for a friend who is traveling.

Pick up those clothes on the floor in the department store and put them back on hangers.

Post something nice about a friend on their FB wall.

Praise someone at work.

Put your phone away and be present in the moment with friends and family.

Refer someone you do business with to other people.

Say "How can I help?" as often as possible.

Say please and thank you. Every time.
Send letters of gratitude and encouragement to soldiers.

Share a motivational quote or find a way to offer positivity in a difficult situation.

Share your friend's status or fundraising link and help them reach their goal.

Shop for someone who is not feeling well or who is stuck at home.

Skype or facetime with relatives you haven't seen in a while -- especially kids.


Start a neighborhood garden and work with neighbors to donate clippings of plants to grow new ones.

Stick up for someone being gossiped about.

Submit a review for a local business.

Take up your neighbors trash cans on garbage day.

Take your "get one free" items to a woman's shelter or a food bank.

Tell someone in customer service how much you appreciate them.

Text your parents (if you have them) or your kids (if you have them) to tell them how much they mean to you.

Visit with a patient who doesn't get many visitors at a nursing home.

Volunteer at a senior center or hospital.

Volunteer at the local library to read to kids.

Volunteer ANYWHERE .

Water plants for someone who is going out of town.

Write a letter recognizing someone to their boss/supervisor.

Write thank you notes to people who helped you or did a good job.

Write your local city and recognize something or someone outstanding

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