Are you playing it Safe? What does safety really mean to you?

Are you playing it safe? Playing it safe is usually a symptom of fearing taking a wrong turn or making a mistake or falling down. How can you get in tune with your intuition and do what you feel called to do, regardless if others say it isn’t safe? Too often, you will find, safety can be very risky, especially when it is someone else's definition of how you should live your life.

What is your biggest fear right now? 

Name it. Write it down.

Look at it. Really, look at it.

What scares you so much that you are willing to risk everything by letting it paralyze you and keep you where you are?

Does it make you feel safe?

 Or, is that an illusion or a delusion?

What happens when you understand what safety means to you?

Too many people today are unhappy because we are playing it safe.

Sure someone else can be bold and we can worship or envy them. But, then, why are you here? What is your mission?

Surely, it cannot be to play it safe. Not take risks, and just do what you are told is safe.

I want to call you to join us in finding your bold and beautiful voice.

I am tired of living around so many people wearing masks and pretending all the time. It is exhausting to spend your life acting like everything is ok, when inside you know there is more for you to do. Put down the manual, and write your own adventure. 

What is stopping you, if anything, from tapping into your desire to create and co-create what is in your heart? What does being bold mean to you?

What would you want to do right now, right here?

Today is the day for boldness for you and me. Why play it safe? Let’s do this!

Some people say that you should not tempt fate and for them I cannot disagree, but I never learned anything from playing it safe. I say fate should not tempt me.

~Mary Chapin Carpenter

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