Are You Ready for Windows 8.1.1?

In the beginning, the Boys from Redmond created Windows 8. And it was good so they released it unto the computer world.

But the members of their flock rebelled and rejected it, because it was "different."

So, in their infinite wisdom, the Boys recreated their creation, naming it Windows 8.1. And it was good so they released it unto the computer flock.

But their flock again rebelled, because it was still "different" and unwelcome among users of keyboards and mice.

So, the Boys, shackled with shame, took back what they had wrought and prepared to release the ultimate Windows 8 update unto the world. It is good and will be thrust upon the computing world on Tuesday (April 8).

The boys promise this creation contains everything they should have created in the first place:

  • The ability to boot to the standard Windows desktop instead of Metro (which I liked)
  • A functional "start icon" that does more than sit there and look pretty
  • The ability to access the Windows Store from the older, standard Windows desktop
  • It's more "mouse-centric" meaning that mouse movements toward the corners of the screen won't bring up unwanted charms or icons
  • You can pin items from the Metro desktop to the taskbar

Will their flock be satisfied? Probably not. But this proves more than ever the squeaky wheel always gets the oil.

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