Are You Ready to Go Green?

Today, on the steps of City Hall, I asked a crowd of hundreds of labor, business and civic leaders -- the green coalition of the future -- a simple question: are you ready to go green?

The answer was a resounding, committed yes.

Yes to fighting climate change.
Yes to building a future founded on sustainability.
Yes to laying the foundation for a local green, economy.

We have heard our residents and businesses loud and clear and that is why we are supporting the Green Energy Compromise Plan, a reasonable middle ground crafted by Councilmember Richard Alarcon that allows for a one-time only rate increase that keeps our commitment to clean energy and green jobs, creates a lock-box for renewable energy, and holds the department's feet to the fire to become more transparent and accountable for the people of Los Angeles.

When I was speaking, I saw many Angelenos holding signs saying "I want a green job." I want to promise that revenue generated from this plan will go directly into creating good-paying, green collar jobs. I will not ask the people to pay a penny more in rates, unless we dedicate a portion of these rates to the emerging industry of green, renewable energy that will create 18,000 jobs locally.

If we say no -- if we fail to commit to clean energy -- we will simply be setting up ratepayers up for larger increases that will serve only as penalties paid to Sacramento instead of investing our money here at home in LA.

Today, the choice is clear for the Los Angeles City Council. I call on the City Council to approve the Green Energy Compromise and send it to the DWP Board of Commissioners so we can get started turning the DWP into the cleanest utility in the country and Los Angeles into the greenest big city in America.

We have heard the people of Los Angeles say yes. Now it is time for City Council to say yes to heralding in Los Angeles green future by supporting the Green Energy Compromise Plan.
We have a choice. Let's choose to go green.

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