Are You Serving Time Instead of Serving Yourself?

When you think about launching a product, venturing out on your own as an entrepreneur or even trying to lose those last 10 pounds, what holds you back? It's not simply a lack of willpower or fear of taking risks that stands in your way.

I would challenge you by asking the question, "Are you serving time?"

When I say "serving time" I am referring to the prison you have put yourself in. Let me explain.

33 years ago I was in prison. I know if you've read any of my books or been through any of my programs, I share the story of how I was locked away in an emotional prison, and I didn't even know I was in one. Chances are you haven't recognized it about yourself either.

What was going on for me 33 years ago is I was a very insecure, unhappy, angry, frustrated, broke young woman. I was in my late teens and I was going through this incredibly challenging time, to the point where I lost the will to live. I was working for this company that hired a gentleman by the name of Bob Proctor to be a keynote speaker at a company event.

I was not into personal development at the time. I had never read a personal development book in my life. I didn't even understand the whole concept that we are creative beings and that we've got the ability to create. Because I had never even been open to any of this material, I had an attitude about it. So when Bob Proctor came in to address the company, I looked for a seat in the back of the room because I thought it was a waste of time. Of course, as fate would have it, the only seat left was in the front row, directly in front of him. That day Bob Proctor said something that changed my life forever.

"You cannot escape from a prison unless you know you're in one."

Just as I was back then, and many people are right now, you could be serving time in a prison of emotions that are holding you back from manifesting or creating the life that you desire. I didn't even realize it, and the first step to all of creation is really becoming aware. Becoming aware that we are creative, that we have the ability to make changes in our life, and that we can choose to do something about it.

So are you in an emotional prison? Do you put limitations on yourself because you believe things about yourself that are untrue or unfounded?

Perhaps you think you need to know how your goals will be accomplished, and if you don't know the how, you don't believe it's possible. That's not true at all. Not every desire you have or goal you set has a logical, organized method of accomplishment tied to it. Many times it is more about setting the intention than it is about knowing what steps to take at each stage. Remember the old adage, "Where there is a will (desire, intention) there is a way."

Another lesson I learned from Bob Proctor was the only reason why someone who makes $50,000 a year isn't making $50,000 a month is because they haven't chosen to do that. I thought, "Whoa!" Now, there's a stretch, right? Maybe that's a goal that you're going to set for yourself. It's possible. It starts with the desire. The first thing you have to do is set the intention, using only positive language to describe your desires and then believe you deserve it and that's already yours. The rest will come. God (the Universe) will acknowledge your beliefs and will help you put your intentions into actions.

If you are aware that you are in an emotional prison and you would like to do something about it, join me on my Manifestation Creation Program. I have created a 10-week program that may change your life forever. We will do it together. We will co-create taking your life to the next level. You have the ability within you to create whatever it is you want for your life, for your family and for your business. I hope you will join me in the Manifestation Creation Program.