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Are You Still Successful?

Here are some questions to help prompt you to define SUCCESS on your own unique terms.
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If you have ever found yourself unsatisfied, unsure, lost or frustrated with or within your life then I wrote this for you.

When was the last time you took an honest look at the yardstick you are measuring up your life with?

When was the last time you examined your priorities, your motivators and your objectives?

When was the last time you acknowledged the things that bring you joy, celebrated the creative ways you enjoy your life and got clear about what's important to you?

If it hasn't been any time recently then there's a very good chance that you have outgrown your version of success, and it's time to re-define your life on your terms.



Whether you are navigating the change from School to University, from University to the work force, from the work force through to Motherhood or family life just to name a few, the benchmarks you once measured success by would have changed. Life is full of transitions, of change and new beginnings so it's normal that your once comfy definitions of what you thought were important may now be a little too snug for your soul.

My long awaited step into Motherhood from a bustling career as a successful fitness professional, overseeing and communicating with a team of 80+ each and every day, came as a huge shock to me.

I had finally been given the gift of a beautiful family so why didn't I feel as fulfilled as everyone speaks of?

Why didn't I get to the end of the day with the same sense of accomplishment I had so many days of my working life?

Why didn't I feel complete, whole and like I'd finally arrived?

I felt as if I was failing at the one thing that I had wanted more than anything else in this world. How could this be? I loved my baby more than anything but I was feeling like a failure every step of the way.

I yearned for the old me, the life that felt comfortable and the security I felt knowing I was doing the 'right things'.

It dawned on me, I needed to redefine what SUCCESS and achievements looked like on my terms. I needed to change the way I validate myself, and give my life the importance it deserved. I loved my life, but I didn't like the way I felt within it.

When I got crystal clear about what I really wanted and what my real core beliefs were, I realised that those once irrefutable beliefs I had cemented at the foundation of my self worth, were no longer true for me.

Completed checklists, successful meetings and smashed KPI's were no longer my focus and their inclusion a factor in a 'great day'. Instead it was my babies' happiness, health and the fact that I managed to keep him alive and happy the entire day instead.

What gave me a feeling of success was when I could write for my website, when I connected with my community and when I sent my Newsletter out Weekly.

What made me fulfilled was time with my Son recognising that all the small tasks throughout my day were adding up to the most important and significant developmental leaps he would have. This shifted my perspective from one of lack to one of importance and abundance.

I rediscovered that when I moved my body, nourished my self with healthy foods, made sleep a priority and made time to connect with friends I was a better mother, wife, entrepreneur, friend and Coach. I was a happier, more whole version of me.

Everything changed when I changed the focus. My life became mine again and with that came freedom.

When we use external factors, those outside of ourselves to validate our success and fuel our worthiness, we undermine our happiness and leave our joy and self worth in the hands of someone else.

The things that I give value to now, that instill a feeling of SUCCESS within my life are achievable through me, acknowledged by me, and created to support me. I would have missed so much of the beauty of my 'now' had I not taken the time to redefine what SUCCESS means to me.

Through you.
By you.
For you.

What if you weren't actually lost, you were just focusing on the wrong part of the journey?

What if you weren't unhappy with your life, you were just placing too much emphasis on old dreams, old goals and old ways of measuring your success?

What if you actually created a life that served you, lifted you up and was laced with the gems of inspiration that you truly want your life to be about?

That's available to you right now, right here and all it will cost you is a few moments of your time. The keys to your happiness may already be in your pocket, the answers may be closer then you think. After all, it's time to start valuing yourself because of the simple fact that you exist and that is enough right there.

Here are some questions to help prompt you to define SUCCESS on your own unique terms.

// What does SUCCESS mean to me?

// Where in my life do I feel most SUCCESSFUL?

// What activities/ actions give me the biggest sense of accomplishment?

// How do I want to feel at the end of the day?

// What actions can I take throughout my day to ensure that I evoke that feeling?

// How can I validate myself?

There you have it, a blueprint for what SUCCESS really looks like for you, and how to achieve it. Now give yourself permission to live it.


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