Are You Struggling to Reach the Next Level of Success on YOUR Terms?

Anyone bumping up against their next level of success is struggling not because of their resources (financial or otherwise), intellect, or expertise, but because of their own mindset.


To grow your business or seek to change on a deep level without a consistent focus on mindset would be nothing short of negligent to me. It’s the opposite of taking responsibility.

Full on ownership of our outcomes can be scary. Taking responsibility for our inner world can be intimidating, so it’s easy to avoid, or shrug off and say “I can do it on my own.”

I totally understand that. And, I’ve been there - so I struggled. And kept struggling. Until one day, ~10 years ago, I was told “you have to get a mindset coach...”

I was annoyed. “Haha, what?! You want me to invest $4K in coaching when I’ve just bought a condo, lost my job 3 weeks later, and now I’m launching a business - at 25 years old - with no idea how to launch a business?!?!”

I was committed to the struggle. I knew that there was more for me; I just didn’t know how to get out of my own way to receive it.

The writing is always on the wall. Judgement is always there in your results or lack thereof: look at your bank account, client roster, relationships, if you’re settling, or just step on the scale...

And, wow, I felt the judgement. My bank account had $1 in it. I pulled $$ from my 401(k), I incurred debt, and an eating disorder.

BUT, what was more important to me than the struggle was:

- success in business

- success with money

- success in relationships

- success in health

- the list goes on...

My ego and limiting beliefs did everything in their power to tell me the opposite, to make believe it that I couldn’t have what I wanted and I sure as hell could not afford to invest. Here's what that looks like:

"Success is hard."

"Money and riches is meant for other people."

"I can't afford it - I can barely pay my mortgage!”

"I'll never be in a happy relationship, or attract the right clients."

"I'm unhealthy and overweight - it is what it is, so I should just accept that.”

But, I was afraid and did it anyway. I invested. I hired that coach, took a deep breath, pulled from my 401(k) in order to afford to live, and put $4K on my credit card. (Imagine the horror as a budding Financial Advisor!)

My life has never been the same. I built a business and became the first woman leader in a firm that was 99% men 2x my age. I healed myself from an eating disorder that has never relapsed. I met the love of my life. I sold a business, moved cross country, bought my dream house, and now run my dream business...

When you DECIDE to INVEST in your mindset consistently, what you are telling the Universe is that you refuse to continue to buy into a single one of your limiting beliefs, that you’re 100% committed to overcoming the message of not being "enough" and instead that you are more than enough. This is when limitations *finally* break their bonds.

Yes, you can journal. Yes, you can do affirmations, but what other mindset resources and pin-pointed objectivity / accountability are you missing? Mindset work is just not something that you can DIY. As a mindset coach now, I *must* have a mindset coach more than ever.


Because the more self-aware that I grow, the craftier that my ego gets. The more tricks it learns to play to keep me stuck, in denial, with my guard up, not moving forward.

This happens at *every* new level of success - which is why all of the most successful people that you see (Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Kat Loterzo) ALWAYS have mindset coaches.

If you are not 100% where you want to be, then it's 100% all on you. That’s the ownership & responsibility piece. I know that it stings...

But, maybe it should inspire you to action.

Because, here’s the deal:

You can change. 

You will change. 

You want and need help.

That makes you strong; not weak.

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