Are You Stuck In A Time Warp?

As a Post50 woman, when you walk into a room you want people to see the updated, modern, confident you, and not be distracted by all the bells and whistles of an era gone by, so get inspired, have fun, and reinvent yourself!
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We often remember a time in our lives when we felt our most desirable, and that's usually where our style clock stops. Are these boots still made for walking ala Nancy Sinatra or do we still have long feathered hair like Farah Fawcett? Just because you are post-50 doesn't mean you shouldn't reinvent your style.

I just happened to be in Palm Springs celebrating my best friend Paul Rehder's 50th birthday. Most everyone here is post 50 and also happens to be a beauty expert. It was fun to get their perspective on what they think are the entrapments of being time warped. But before I share some of their insight, I want to talk about attitude.

This morning we were awakened to take a sunrise balloon ride. It was one of the most magical and beautiful things I've ever done. Part of not being stuck in a time warp is to keep that feeling of 'being alive' going, which is what we often forget to do. The key to evolving at any age is to always stay inspired and adventurous. By doing that, you are able to recharge and create a newness to your energy, which ultimately affects your style.

Take an active role in defining your style. Your wardrobe should reflect you now, not you 20 years ago. I constantly tell my clients to get inspired. Read magazines, pull pages that speak to you, go online, seek advice and, most of all, have fun with it. Don't be afraid to try new things, a new hairstyle, a trend color. Even small changes can make a huge difference. Look at fashion and beauty as more than just maintenance, its part of your evolution.

Embrace Technology
Being afraid of technology can make you stuck in a time warp! Nowadays, everything is online; you can find great style blogs, expert advice and a world of online shopping. We have post 50 clients that are now using their iPads to create inspiration boards. In our book, Nothing to Wear, we explain that keeping a style file is an important part of the process - read more about it on our blog.

Update your Eyewear
Eyewear is an accessory that sits on your face. So why not put time and energy into making sure that the shape and style are the most flattering on YOU? Lets face it: most of us post40 and especially post50 need reading glasses. There is no need for granny glasses hanging from your neck or propped at the end of your nose. There are lenses without crazy bifocal lines and tons of fabulous frames, so it shouldn't be a problem to find a style that is modern and chic.

Change up your Hair
I've always said that good hair changes lives, meaning that a beautiful cut and style can top up your look with just the right sexy attitude that we all crave in life. Don't be afraid to ask for a consultation. Be realistic: bring tear sheets that feel like you, in terms of hair texture and face shape. Just because we hit a certain age doesn't mean that we have to cut off our hair and get it styled by the cotton candy machine. Look at my friend Carmen Dell'Orefice: she's 80-years-old and her mane of white hair is her crown and glory.

Rethink your Makeup
Now when it comes to makeup, I believe that skin is in. Keep your makeup natural. Giving yourself a healthy-looking glow during the day and adding a touch of drama at night is the way to go. Be sure to edit and refresh your makeup bag every season. Try a new nail polish for a quick update - the Essie Collection has amazing colors. Don't neglect your eyebrows and make sure you keep their shape modern. The eyebrows connect the hair to the face to the clothing, and a beautifully shaped eyebrow can lift your whole look, according to Oprah eyebrow expert Anastasia Soare.


Hose, no Hose
If you go to your drawer and are still pulling out an egg or something that resembles the color of bologna, it's a sure sign that you're stuck in a time warp. There are so many modern options when it comes to hosiery these days. The ultimate goal is to have healthy-looking legs. Hosiery is a great way to cover imperfections and to update your look. Black sheer hosiery in the evening has made a comeback, and we love a good opaque in the cooler months.

How Short is too Short
At post50 you never want to surprise someone with a peep show. Shorter hems are fine if you stick with opaque hosiery or leggings. If it's a no-hosiery look, keep the hem at the middle of the knee. Keep in mind, when your hemline is below the knee, it's important to have a tapered skirt to avoid looking matronly.

Exposing too Much Skin
Being sexy doesn't have to be obvious. If your 'thing' was your legs or your décolletage, it's time to explore other options. Bring attention to your most fabulous features - think collarbones and shoulders. I love a one-shoulder look for the evening, it instantly makes you look modern. Think about reinventing the way you present yourself. There's an intelligence and confidence about highlighting your best features.

As a Post50 woman, when you walk into a room you want people to see the updated, modern, confident you, and not be distracted by all the bells and whistles of an era gone by, so get inspired, have fun, and reinvent yourself!

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