Are You Stuck in Your Business? - Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Today!

Are You Stuck in Your Business? - Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Today!
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Nothing can feel more frustrating than being stuck in your business. You know that are sure you need to grow your company but you are not exactly sure where to start.

That's very common, actually, and it happens for a number of reasons:

  • Your current business model is leaving you overwhelmed, stressed and extremely busy...but without the income to make it worthwhile at this pace.

  • You're ready to take your business to the next level...only you're uncertain about what steps you need to take to expand your business in a way that will not upset your current clients.
  • Or perhaps this is where you are: You keep hearing from your prospects "I really want to hire you", only... they don't.
  • Maybe you have so many great ideas for your business but there is no clear path on how to execute them.
  • What you thought was the perfect niche - is proving to be more challenging to get going than you expected.
  • If any of these statements sound familiar don't worry ...this is only a phase, and like all phases in life and business this too shall pass. Take heart. You actually are probably closer to a solution than you might think.

    Here are 3 simple steps to help you get back on track. Once you do, you will have the clarity, vision, and exact steps to move forward today. And as a result, you'll begin to see income rolling in.

    Step #1: Identify exactly where you're getting stuck
    When you're in the midst of feeling stuck, your mind can seem cluttered and unclear. Your best course of action is to first identify exactly which decisions you need to make, and in what order. Then, you can move forward making these decisions quickly.

    For example, let's say you have no specific system in place that allows you to consistently get new clients, making it difficult to feel any sense of security regarding your income. This is a common problem for many entrepreneurs.

    For starters, in this situation, the decisions you'll need to make are:

    • Evaluate your niche- Is it clear, specific and easy to market to?
    • Determine if your marketing is reaching enough of your ideal target customer.
    • Are you hiding out behind your computer, hoping prospective clients will magically show up instead of creating massive visibility in-person by speaking and networking?
    • Know without a doubt what problem your product or service solves.
    • Get an outside expert to review your offers and your pricing.
    • Are you investing in a mentor or are you trying to figure everything out alone?
    Step #2: Recognize what you may be afraid of
    Many entrepreneurs are likely to get stuck right at "the moment before the miracle" of up-leveling their businesses. Why? Because growing your business stirs up old patterns of self-doubt.The solution is to recognize an old pattern for what it is: the ego trying to do everything in its power to keep you small. Recognizing this gives you the key to freedom, because with this awareness you can make a new, thoughtful, and empowered choices.

    At first, moving forward is going to feel more uncomfortable than staying put. So don't let common excuses such as "I'm waiting for a sign" or "It doesn't feel right" keep you stuck. Remember, you can consciously direct your self-talk, using phrases such as, "I can do this" and even "I will not give in or give up!"

    Step #3: Practice making decisions quickly
    Any decision you need to make can be made in 30 minutes or less.

    You can ask yourself these 2 simple questions when making any decision in your business or life:

    1.Is this in alignment with my values?
    2.Will this decision move me closer to my goals?

    Speeding up your decision making will re-energize you and begin to give you the momentum you're seeking.

    Here's a powerful exercise you can use to help you get unstuck and moving forward.
    Answer these simple questions:

    I'm stuck because _______________.

    My #1 goal in my business is ___________________.

    I want to reach my goal by (put a specific date here) ___________________.

    The decisions I need to make are _______________.

    The mentor who's going to move me forward powerfully is ____________.

    Getting unstuck feels amazing and yes, you can do this!


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