Are You the Total Package? Four Things That Tell a Man That You Are

Are You the Total Package? Four Things That Tell a Man That You Are
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Picture this: you’ve just met a man who is the total package.

He’s got looks women swoon over, the smarts to impress a Rhodes scholar, the success to wow a room full of A-type personalities and he’s funny and kind.

The phrase ‘total package’ has been used to describe men and women who seem to have it all.

What does total package really mean?

To attract a high value man you need to be a high value woman. And, a high value woman is the total package. It means that you’re on a high level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In order to be the total package you need to consider your packaging. It’s your own personal packaging. It’s how you present all of your incredible and impressive attributes externally.

Let’s break it down.

1. Physical

A lot of women don’t like the fact that men focus immediately on appearance and find it shallow. Regardless of how evolved and savvy we may be, for many this message often goes right to that open wound of self-doubt still left from childhood. A man’s visual sense is a part of his hard wiring, so, you can either complain that it is shallow or use it to your advantage.

Think about the last time you made a purchase based on the packaging? Or, the times you were willing to spend more on a product because it looked better than the generic version? Wrong or right, shallow or not, judgments are made based on how we perceive things.

Maximize your natural beauty. A little make up and a blow out can enhance your assets in no time.

Fashion is a tool; something you use to deepen and more fully realize and express yourself. You’re the one in charge and fashion finds its proper place and priority in your life…as a powerful form of communication.

As long as you’re comfortable with your body and feel great that’s all you need. If you’re full figured and happy that’s what counts. There's a man for every body type.

It’s essential to make time for exercise, however. If you don’t, you’ll eventually have to make time for illness. Take care of you first.

2. Mental

What does your conversation consist of? What are you talking about? Is it the latest reality TV show like the Real Housewives franchise or is it more high brow?

Quoting Shakespeare isn’t necessary. Talking about what brings you happiness, your passions and/or current events is necessary because these are topics that get a man’s attention and how he finds you more attractive.

3. Emotional

In the language of men this means little to no drama. A lot of men have had some experience with a woman who has shown erratic behavior or has behaved in a way that one might imagine a child having a tantrum.

Perhaps she hasn’t spoken up about how something in the relationship is affecting her. After bottling up her frustration for so long she eventually explodes. Hence, the 'drama' label is donned on this woman.

A woman on a high level emotionally practices communication techniques that allow her to be fully self expressed. In a calm mature way she is able to convey to her partner how she feels and what she needs.

4. Spiritual

This is the higher power that is the foundation of your life. How developed is it? Whatever it is for you and gives you the chance to seek answers - that’s the right one.

Whether it’s Buddhism, Christianity, other religious faith or the law of attraction principles, as examples, it’s what speaks to you. Your spiritual platform centers you in every aspect of your life.

Do you know how you’re showing up to the world? How have you viewed the pursuit of better packaging of yourself up until now? Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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