'Are You There, Chelsea?': Natasha Leggero Is Rick's Rude Ex, Chelsea's New Co-Worker (VIDEO)

Natasha Leggero stopped by to join in the female comedy movement happening on network television. She played Rick's snotty ex-girlfriend on "Are You There, Chelsea?" (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. EST on NBC), immediately landing on Chelsea's bad side by dismissing her outright as a person.

Exes were the theme of the episode, as Chelsea ran into Sloane's ex-boyfriend Matt Gunn, whom she hadn't seen since she was a little girl. Not so little anymore, Chelsea decided to go out with Matt, despite Sloane's misgivings. She got more than she bargained for, though, when she lied about it.

Quirky new roommate Dee Dee cannot tell a lie, and so she not only spilled to Sloane that Chelsea went behind her back and slept with Matt, but also that Matt pretty clearly indicated that Sloane was a better lover. So Sloane turned around and gave her blessing to her little sister, as well as some fake advice on what Matt likes. Treating him literally like a baby didn't go over nearly as well as Chelsea hoped.

But while she didn't get Matt, as he was a bit too freaked out, she did get Rick's ex-girlfriend, as she was hired to work at the bar. She maintained her arrogant indifference, though, by genuinely not remembering Chelsea even though they'd met only a few days before.

With Leggero on board for at least a few more episodes, it should be fun watching Rick's ex-girlfriends spar.

"Are You There, Chelsea?" continues Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

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