Are You Trapped In A Mundane Lifestyle? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Replenish Your Zest For Life!

How can we still feel thrilled about what's to come while still upholding all of our responsibilities? Here are five ways to get back that zest for life you felt when you were younger, and to start liv-ing life to it's fullest!
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Remember that zeal for life we felt in our younger years, when everything was full of possibility? Before we became tied down to by a career, a mortgage, a partner or family?

As we get older, it's normal to fall into a routine, but that doesn't mean we can't still feel excited about the possibilities that come with each new day. Of course, there are obligations we now have to cater to, and our priorities have shifted. We're more concerned with getting our kids to soccer practice on time than we are about our own hobbies, and spending time with your spouse now means sitting at home and watching a movie once the kids are in bed, instead of getting dressed up for a night on the town. Still, it's important and absolutely necessary to check in with your personal need for new passions -- no matter what age you are!

How can we still feel thrilled about what's to come while still upholding all of our responsibilities? Here are five ways to get back that zest for life you felt when you were younger, and to start living life to its fullest!

1) Get back to what you loved doing as a child
Do you have a hobby that you used to enjoy doing, and haven't thought about in years? As a student, what was your favorite non-academic class? Did you look forward to your elective art class each week? Did you feel a rush when it was your turn to give a speech in your public speaking class? Recalling the things that used to bring you happiness is a great way to find a new creative outlet!

2) Find a fun way to move your body
While spending time on a treadmill is still beneficial to your body, it's certainly not going to help shake things up as far as your routine goes! You're never too old to join a team sport, or learn a new style of dance. Sign up for a beginner salsa class with a friend, or look into joining one of the intramural sports teams that play at your local rec center. It's much too easy to skip out on a physical activity that you don't enjoy doing, so find something that you love and will look forward to each week -- not something you'll dread!

3) Join a group with similar interests
Sites like cater to putting their users in touch with people in their area who enjoy doing the same things -- whether it's something as bizarre as a group for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, or a group of foodies who love to go out together and try new restaurants. Search for groups to join in your community -- you're sure to find people with like-minded interests!

4) Volunteer in your community
Find out what new initiatives are taking place in your town that you could lend a helping hand to. Help plant trees in your town's new park area, or offer to whip up a batch of your signature chocolate chip cookies to be sold at your town's next fundraiser. Doing so will allow you to meet new people in your area while making a difference in your community. Get your spouse and children involved with helping as well - it will create a sense of pride and togetherness within your family!

5) Explore alternative remedies
In my line of work, I treat issues such as stress, anxiety and grief with flower essences -- a practice widely accepted in Europe, which is lesser known here in the states. Your body's energy gets out of whack all the time, by the common disappointments we face -- and feeling as if you're trapped in a mundane routine can definitely feel like a setback. Flower essences, in my experience, can work to counteract that imbalance, through the use of personalized remedy blends to treat the specific challenges you're up against. The goal is to reverse negative feelings and beliefs and bring positivity, peace, confidence and calm to your life, and the right flower remedies will do this for you.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and getting back to the things that used to make you feel most alive is sure to create more excitement and passion in your life -- which we need no matter how old we get! What are you waiting for? Find something new to be enlivened by today!

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