Are You 'Type A' Or 'Type B'? This Video Breaks It Down

If you're a Type A, this explanation is probably a bit unsatisfying. Sorry.

Are you competitive or laid back? Hyper-organized or a little messy? Type A or Type B?

For those who were wondering which side of the spectrum they fall on, fear not: The geniuses at ASAPScience have outlined the basic characteristics of what it means to be either Type A or Type B.

Type A individuals are often known for being ambitious and action-oriented. Type B folks, however, tend to have a more easy-going attitude and are known for being sociable.

If you find yourself falling into both camps, don't fret. The concept for the two personality traits was developed in the 1950s as a way to measure cardiovascular health -- but the research is slightly dubious. In fact, ASAPScience points out, it's difficult to totally nail down the science behind personality types and the research behind them is a bit controversial. (If you're a Type A, that explanation is probably a bit unsatisfying. Sorry.)

Regardless of the hard science, psychologists theorize that we still seem to identify with certain personality characteristics more than others. To learn more about the different personality types -- and to figure out which category you fall in -- check out the ASAPScience video above.

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