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Are You Using Your GPS?

Remember -- there are no mistakes -- even when you experience something that you don't want, you get real clarity about what you do want. You get to make new distinctions and to create a new focus for what you do want to experience. Course-correction made!
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Your "GPS" is that internal (God Powered System) that always pointing you in the direction of your desires-- the direction of our focused intention consciously and subconsciously.

When we are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to life's magical journey unfolding we seem to effortlessly move from place to place with this internal GPS voice giving us constant feedback and direction. We know when we are in the flow. It's like being a child. The fun is in the moment of exploration. We aren't belaboring where we'll be tomorrow or the next day because we delight in the presence of the moment and we "feel" into what is fun now.

Our GPS is also the engine that fuels the direction toward focused intention. We are constantly creating subconsciously and consciously.

The more we use our intention consciously to direct the path, the easier it becomes. This way, our intention doesn't lead to intension because we are awake and alert to the signposts on the path and we follow those leads. The joy is in the ride... and we remain present to "in-joy".

Our GPS can never steer us wrong as it will always bring us to the point of focus where we will either expand or contract into the lessons which life delivers. This ebb and flow is all part of the process to making distinctions that will direct the intellect back home into the heart. The harder we fall the stronger we rise. Every mistake is an opportunity to take another shot or take.

You are the pilot of your plane. You navigate the direction, and the pace of your personal race is up to you because there is no competition when you are moving in the direction of your personal destination. We all arrive at different times in different locations according to our individualized personal path, creating underlying knowledge that we are always on course in spite of the weather. It may be smooth sailing at times, and it can often get turbulent. It's all par for the course.

Without these exciting moments of contrast we wouldn't appreciate how dynamic this journey really is. In order for the GPS to work cooperatively with your intention you have to give it a focused direction. That does not mean you won't experience contrast.

Visualization can help you achieve arrival at the fulfillment of your dreams. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Believing starts with seeing.

Remember one thing: We live in a world of inclusion. The universe does not know the difference between saying yes to something and saying no. It does not understand the difference between what we want and what we don't want. It just knows where you direct the majority of your focus. This is often why your GPS will steer you toward the disaster you ask to avoid. It is because your focus was on the disaster you feared and not the anticipation of the joy you desired to experience.

Whenever I have ever wanted anything, I close my eyes and I imagine myself experiencing the object of my desire. Let's say it's a trip to South America. I visualize the ticket in my hand as I'm about to board the plane. I imagine going to the currency exchange and feeling the nuance of holding the new foreign currency in my hand. I imagine holding a dictionary and translating a few new words in Spanish. I see the destination and I believe and feel wholeheartedly in my reception of this journey in perfect time.

I have a prayer I use in order to surrender into the flow of using my internal GPS: I say, "This, better, or later."

Here's an example: I want to go to Mexico and I'm not sure how it will happen or if this is even the correct location for my desires to manifest, so I say, "This, better, or later." I then visualize scenes in my mind's eye that represent the object and the emotion behind my desire: I feel uplifted and inspired in my life through travel and connection with others. I set an intention for the highest, best path to appear before me with grace and ease. I ask for signs to be placed clearly on my path to reinforce that I am always moving in the right direction. I surrender the use of force and I allow this flow to show me where to go by tapping into my personal GPS.

Your GPS will always lead you to the right people, places and situations when you trust you are always on course. And your GPS has the innate intelligence to course-correct as you go.

Why not set an intention at the beginning of your day, by thanking the Creator for bringing you the right people, places and situation for your highest good, with grace and ease. This is like your insurance policy -- whatever appears on your path that day will always be the correct experience for your growth and expansion. But remember -- there are no mistakes -- even when you experience something that you don't want, you get real clarity about what you do want. You get to make new distinctions and to create a new focus for what you do want to experience. Course-correction made!