Are You Voting... Or Nah?

I hope you vote...

There are many ways to enact change and positioning political figures that are actually going to do the work is one of them. Whether or not we have one of those political figures up for the presidential election is rather debatable. But last I checked, checks and balances were still a thing, and I can think of a few dusty crones taking up seats in the Senate and House.

They can go....

If I’m being honest though, I’m more likely to judge you if you tell me you threw your support behind General P*ssy Grab and Colonel Conversion Therapy than I am to judge you if you tell me that you decided to exercise your right not to vote. Heck, if you were planning to toss a vote Trump’s way, I actually would have respected you more if you’d simply stayed at home. But while doing my ritualistic procrastination this morning. It dawned me that there are quite a few people that don’t truly grasp the differences between rights and obligations.

I don’t want those that fall into this group looking like hypocrites in these streets. So it’s important that we debunk this misconception where rights are concerned, immediately. You see, rights are just as much about the freedom behind choosing not to do something, as they are the ability to choose to do something. It is that very freedom to make a choice that is the essence of what it means to have a right. So by chipping away at, or attempting to circumvent these freedoms, we’re actually chipping away at the very foundation of our country.

There are a lot of people calling others out for not voting by insisting that they are somehow failing this nation, failing our ancestors, or failing the activist that fought for our right to vote. But it’s important that we remember the big picture, especially where our history is concerned. What our true fore mothers/fathers (yeah I don’t claim Washington, Jefferson, Columbus, and a bunch of mad?) fought for transcended voters rights, segregation and women’s suffrage. Those were bench marks in an ongoing conquest to slay an even greater beast. These movements were about obtaining freedoms, the ability to do or not do unencumbered by race, sex, and socioeconomic status.

Take a deeper look at your perspective and consider how it differs from any oppressive entity that says, “screw the rights of my opposition?” It bears no difference to shaming individuals that take a knee during the National Anthem though it’s our right to do so? It doesn’t even differ from the unjust persecution and vilification of protesters and activist that are lawfully assembling, though many of you would argue that it’s their right.

We can’t claim keep claiming this is the land of the free then try to snatch freedom when it doesn’t serve us...

So again, I hope you vote. But if you’re exercising your right not to vote I respect that. On the other hand, if you’re planning to vote for Trump, just stay home. There is no day like November 8 to take up a rather time consuming hobby that might prevent you from leaving your house. Besides, we’ve got enough to worry about today. There just aren’t enough hours to give the consideration of your sanity the attention it deserves, sorry.