Are You Working Backwards to Accomplish Your Goals?

So you have a new product or service in mind. You have thought through the content you will be presenting. Now what? How are you planning to accomplish your goal? How will all of the pieces fall into place?

This is usually the stage in which I am contacted by new coaching clients. The great idea is fleshed out but the process is still a bit vague. That is when the time-frame starts to be developed and these are generally the steps that will help you accomplish your goals -- and surprisingly they start from the end and work backwards.

  1. Determine your launch date. When will you be ready to have your product available?
  2. What is the offer? Are you thinking about an ebook? Why not value-pack other items with what would have only been a $20 offering? Do you have audio or video files you can provide? Can you make a user-friendly instructional guide? The higher your pricing is (without being over-the-top) the more revenue can share with your affiliate partners.
  3. Do you have a second-tier offering that can follow-up your initial product? How about an intensive program where they get more of your time or guidance that is spread out over a period of time?
  4. Get your domain name registered.
  5. Get the sales copy written for your website.
  6. Get the audio portion of your product recorded.
  7. If you have your manuscript written, send it out to be edited.
  8. Research (or ask for referrals) for typesetting and cover design so you can determine their lead times.
  9. Have your affiliate purchasing software in place (i.e. shopping cart)
  10. Start to go after your affiliates.

Now create a timeline based on the steps above. By what date will you do each of these steps? Again work backwards from your launch date. What you may find is that you may not be able to do a solid, quality job in the short time you set for yourself. It is better to know that in the beginning and communicate a realistic date to your affiliates, than continue to push your launch date back.

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