Twitter Users Wonder Why Area 51 Has Better Security Than U.S. Capitol

One person suggested sending the Proud Boys to the once-secret military base.

A lot of Twitter users were alienated by the sight of President Donald Trump’s supporters raiding the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday ― with emphasis on the “alien.”

It seems the MAGA mob reminded many people of that time in September 2019 when folks on the internet hyped the idea of storming Area 51, the once-secret military base in Nevada where, legend has it, the U.S. government keeps its secrets on extraterrestrial life.

Although a few dozen people showed up at Area 51 back then, no one actually stormed the military base, in part thanks to harsh warnings from the feds.

Many Twitter users noted big differences between the Area 51 raid that never happened and Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol ― mainly the level of security at the two locations.

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