Aretha Franklin's Performance Of 'A Natural Woman' At Kennedy Center Honors Is Simply Amazing

Would you expect anything less?

Aretha Franklin is a living legend, so naturally, when she took the stage at last night's Kennedy Center Honors presentation, the crowd went wild.

As soon as the iconic singer, 73, stepped foot on stage clad in a floor-length fur coat (which she clearly wore just so she could take it off in dramatic fashion), we knew we were in for a treat. Then she sat down at the piano to begin her jaw-dropping performance of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," and the rest is history.

There's no way to describe the performance other than to say that it was simply amazing. But would you expect anything less from Queen Aretha? (We didn't think so.)

Making it all the better were the audience reactions.

President Barack Obama fist-pumped while First Lady Michelle took it all in.

Gina Rodriguez sang along.

And honoree Carole King had zero chill throughout the whole thing.

Bow down!

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