This PSA Urging Organ Donation Will Leave You Bawling Feel-Good Tears

Just TRY to get through the video without crying.

The slam-dunk formula of animals and mortality wrings tears in a new public service announcement underscoring the importance of organ donation.

The PSA, titled "The Man And The Dog," was created by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz for Argentina's liver transplant foundation, according to the advertising publication Little Black Book Online.

In the spot, an elderly man's four-legged friend is loyal to the very end -- and beyond. It's thought to be inspired by Hachiko, the legendarily loyal Japanese dog who waited at the train station for his master every day until he died.

Garcia Saiz, who's been called "one of the world’s leading Spanish language commercial directors" by Ad Week, has directed other hard-hitting PSAs worth viewing, including the distracted-driving spot "Discussion" and the anti-bullying spot "Playground."

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