Ari Melber Hits Fox News Viewers With A Hard Truth About Its Coronavirus Coverage

"For Fox viewers, it’s especially perilous," warned the MSNBC host.

Ari Melber on Friday slammed Fox News’ coverage of the coronavirus, warning viewers of the widely watched conservative network it could put them in danger.

“It risks hurting their own audience,” the host of MSNBC’s “The Beat” noted in a segment in which he called out the Fox personalities who have been widely criticized for downplaying the outbreak by treating “this deadly pandemic like a game” and also debunked some of the wilder myths surrounding the contagion.

“This is a pandemic wiping out lives everywhere it goes,” said Melber. “Wiping out more lives in this country than any other on that map behind us here. This has frozen life as we know it. It’s tanked the economy because the alternative would be even worse, a higher death toll that would also still be tanking the economy.”

“But let’s be clear. For Fox viewers, it’s especially perilous,” Melber added. “The median age there is 67. That mostly older audience, especially vulnerable if they contract this virus. And as we just showed you, they’ve been told to basically downplay it.”

Check out the clip here:

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