MSNBC's Ari Melber Taunts 'Low Energy' Trump Over How Little He Works

The president has been watching a lot of TV and playing a lot of golf.

How does Donald Trump spend his days? MSNBC host Ari Melber looked at the records and found that much of the time, POTUS is not working. 

“We’re seeing a new low in presidential work ethic in contrast to recent presidents who kept far busier schedules,” Melber said. 

A look at Trump’s schedule revealed that he “comes in late and golfs a ton.” When he does arrive for work, “he spends a lot of time watching TV instead of working,” Melber said.

“Most Americans work longer hours than this low-energy president,” Melber added.

Trump and his backers at Fox News used to repeatedly slam President Barack Obama for playing golf. 

“He’s played more golf than most people on the PGA tour,” Trump said of Obama in 2016.  

But so far, Trump has spent far more time on the course than his predecessor. During his first two years in office, Trump spent 166 days at a golf club, averaging 80 more days playing golf than Obama over his first two years.  

See Melber’s full takedown in the clip above. 



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