Ari Melber Spots Why Right-Wing Media Is Far From 'Fearless' With Taylor Swift

Melber argued conservative media personalities look "very, very out of touch" in response to Swift cheering for Travis Kelce at a game on Sunday.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber detects that right-wing media personalities can’t tolerate it with Taylor Swift following her viral attendance at a Kansas City Chiefs game to root for the team’s star tight end Travis Kelce on Sunday.

“This is what it looks like when you are really afraid of someone but you have a platform and you have to come up with made-up misrepresentations to try to turn everything upside down,” Melber said.

The host pointed again Wednesday to the singer’s influence in politics before breaking down what he called a “Taylor moment” at the game.

He said the “mania” around Taylor — who has inspired fans in recent years by pushing back at Ticketmaster, calling for voter registration and supporting President Joe Biden in 2020 — may not come to an end and could continue to offer inspiration for a lot of people.

“And, best as we can tell, Ms. Swift and the people around her, when it comes to the right-wing haters, I think she already forgot that they existed,” he said.

Melber, who flashed several headlines focused on Swift and Kelce, argued that while there’s been an “overwhelmingly positive” interest in the moment between the two, it also “scares” certain conservatives as they’re trying to nitpick and find things wrong with what he described as an “American football unity.”

He followed up his argument with a compilation showing clips of figures from Fox News as well as Megyn Kelly speaking with Charlie Kirk about the two.

“What is the beef? The beef is the fear of this power,” he said. “On a station that talks so much about how they think they represent the only real America when, in fact, they look very, very out of touch right now.”

You can watch more of Melber’s remarks on Wednesday’s edition of “The Beat” below.

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