Ariana Grande Drops New Song, 'God Is A Woman,' To Make You Believe

The singer's new single and lyric video arrived ahead of her "Sweetener" album release next month.

Ariana Grande dropped her new song, “God Is A Woman,” on Thursday, blending the spiritual and sensual in her latest track release from the upcoming album “Sweetener.”

In a lyric video that mostly uses clouds and the cosmos for imagery, the pop star toys with religious themes to illustrate the omnipotence of female sexuality. “Baby lay me down and let’s pray,” she sings.

“I feel it after midnight/A feeling that you can’t fight/My one/It lingers when we’re done/You’ll believe God is a woman.”

Obviously, the song isn’t holy in a church sense ― but it will likely make fans worship Grande even more.

“Sweetener” is due out Aug. 17. Check out the whole “God Is A Woman” video below.

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