Ariana Grande's Grandma Seems Just Like A Future Version Of Her

It's Ariana Grande-ma.

The American Music Awards gives out awards based on Internet voting, meaning the winners tend to be decided by teenz. This year, however, a demographic typically unrepresented at the AMAs helped Ariana Grande win the "Favorite Female Artist" award -- the Grande-ma

During Grande's acceptance speech, she recalled her grandma, Marjorie Grande, telling her earlier, "Ariana, I went on the computer. I voted, so I think you’ll win." Grande brought Marjorie to the AMAs and ended up dedicating the award to her.

The two danced together throughout the show, hanging amidst musicians such as Skrillex and Diplo. The two were similarly seen dancing in the crowd for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Apparently grandma Grande -- whom Ariana calls Nonna -- still has all the right moves at this sort of middle school dance, as performers like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer played at the youth-skewed ceremony.

Perhaps it is unknown whether Ariana will gracefully dance through time to age into an identical Grande-ma, but we should all hope to be so lucky to continue foxtrotting or boogieing into the future, accompanied by your grande-daughter's friends.


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