Watch Ariana Grande Hilariously Try To Explain 'D**k Bicycle' To Ellen

Points for trying, Ari.

If we’ve learned one thing about Ariana Grande’s latest single, “Side to Side,” it’s that the song’s meaning is way more sexual than we first thought. On Wednesday, the pop star appeared on “Ellen,” where she tried, and failed, to break down a specific lyric from the track for the comedian. 

When DeGeneres asked Grande about the thought process behind her VMAs performance, in which the singer was riding a stationary bike while singing her new hit, Grande revealed she “had the idea of the bike thing the first time I heard Nicki’s verse.”

“She says the phrase ‘d**k bicycle,’” Grande explained. “The idea was born and I really committed to it … ” 

A confused DeGeneres simply responded with, “What?”  

“Yea, she has a lyric in the song. She says ‘d**k bicycle.’ You know ... ” Grande added, but again DeGeneres had to ask, “What does that mean?” 

“You know ... ” Grande replied, acting coy. 

The comedian tried to get a little more out of the singer, again asking, “What does that mean? Is it like a banana seat?” to which Grande responded, “Kind of?” 

After they exchanged a few more confused words, the “Love Me Harder” singer admitted she doesn’t really know what the term means, but concluded, “I was on the bike, I sang and it happened … ” 

It sure did.



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