Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor Guest On New Who Is Fancy Song

Who's got the fanciest friends? Who Is Fancy!

Who Is Fancy is back with some very high-class friends. Yesterday, the 24-year-old singer, whose real name is Jake Hagood, released "Boys Like You," his first single since February's hit, "Goodbye." And it features two of the hottest young singers around: Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande.

The trio performed the song, a poppy ode to boys cute enough to inspire lawbreaking, on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" last night. And they -- or rather, their animated avatars -- also star in a fun music video together. Check it out:   

Part of what makes this song interesting -- beyond a fairly catchy hook -- is that, for a big pop song, it's unusually explicit about same-sex desire. It still feels fresh, in 2015, for a male singer to sing that he's "crossing every line to get to boys like you." Sure, Sam Smith and Frank Ocean proved that being proudly queer is no obstacle to mainstream musical success -- but many of their songs are on the angsty side. And "Boys Like You" is as bright and cheery as can be. There's nothing political about it, which makes it kind of radical. 

Trainor and Grande are both outspoken gay rights supporters, but that's far from the only reason they leant their powerful voices to this song. Who Is Fancy has opened for both in concert before. Could this be the birth of yet another powerful squad? 

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