Ariana Grande Says 'There's Nothing To Justify' Licking Those Donuts

#DonutGate continues. 🍩

American donuts are finally getting the justice they deserve.

On a trip to "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, Ariana Grande publicly apologized for an incident earlier this year where she was caught on video saying, "I hate America," and licking random donuts she didn't buy.

"There's no excuse or there's nothing to justify it," said the singer. She continued, "I think that as human beings we all say and do things we don't mean at all sometimes, and we have to learn from it. I mean that's part of our process. We have to learn from our mistakes and that's how we grow."

Grande previously issued a statement and a video apologizing for the incident, but clearly that wasn't enough, because this is America. We take our donuts seriously.

The singer went on to say one of the biggest things she learned from everything was "what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you."

That's a great lesson and all, but what about learning not to lick donuts you didn't buy? Huh? What about that?

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