Ariana Grande's 'Twilight Zone' Costume Is Peak Halloween

The singer takes dressing up to another dimension.

Ariana Grande has submitted for your approval one hell of a “Twilight Zone” Halloween costume.

The pop star took a cue from one of the sci-fi show’s most memorable episodes ― one where the conventional standard of beauty gets a makeover.

No more hints. Just check out the photos she posted Wednesday:

Grande’s inspiration is the 1960 “Eye of the Beholder” episode in which a woman has surgery to become “normal” and things don’t work out so well. 

This year, celebrity Halloween costumes have been incredibly adorable, like Gabrielle Union and her daughter twinning in “Bring It On” cheerleading outfits, and paid tribute to icons, like Russell Wilson and Ciara nailing Jay-Z and Beyonce.

But Grande, who underwent hours of prosthetic work for the costume, just took the holiday to another dimension.

“Twilight Zone” host Rod Serling would have approved.