Arianna Talks Third Metric, The Importance Of Sleep On CBS's 'The Talk'

Arianna: 'Sleep Your Way To The Top' (Literally!)
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Arianna appeared on CBS' "The Talk" on Wednesday to discuss HuffPost's Third Metric initiative.

America's current model of of success, with its emphasis on money and power, encourages a burnout lifestyle that can drive even the most ambitious person into the ground. Looking beyond money and power to a third metric for success, whether it be well-being, wisdom or a willingness to give back, can lead to a more sustainable and rewarding life. Putting on the brakes and focusing on healthy living can be a vital ingredient for getting ahead, Arianna explained.

"The current definition of success is very male dominated," she said. "It's focused on burn out, sleep deprivation, and driving yourself into the ground."

Emphasizing the importance of getting a full night's rest, Arianna gave this essential piece of advice: "Sleep your way to the top!"

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